Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You are all in trouble now...

Thanks to Carolyn who remembered my Blogger name and password I'll now be able to post.

Just to bring you up to date, Carolyn and I had a great day in Jax (Jacksonville FL. for you guys out west). You can guess the topic of conversation. We worked hard at inspiring each other and succeeded with several knitty/spinny ideas but it was agreed that she wouldn't infect my mind with "weaving" and I'd return the favor concerning "sewing, as in machine".

I will try to get some pictures up before we (hubby Bill and I) leave for Arizona on Saturday to see daughter in Mesa and son in Bullhead City. On the trip back we'll visit friends and family all the way to Kentucky. Must get home by the end of much fun stuff happening this fall. We'd love to run into some of you enroute .....let me know where you are/will be.

OK now to see what pic's I can find.

Hugs to all, and just so you time at the Red Rooster rated as one of the highlights of the year....decade....OK lifetime.

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Carolyn said...

Yahoo!! Good to see you got aboard.