Sunday, December 31, 2006

I shouldn't fuss about fiber friends not posting if I am not posting myself. I haven't done any dying or knitting lately, but I have been spinning my little heart out and loving it. I am trying to get as caught up as I can so I won't have any more excuses to put off dying the fiber I got at SAFF back in October. I see by reading Sandys' blog that she will be going to SAFF next year, Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise. I plan to be there myself so maybe we can hook up somewhere. I would love to go without Paul. I love him dearly and he is a Sweetie for driving me there and back, but he hates to shop and doesn't know that much about fiber and stuff so I always feel cheated about the time limit. I know I would come home with more goodies if he would let me alone.
Speaking of goodies, I finally got Mason/Dixon Knitting for Christmas. I know that Sandy and Caroline
really like the book but I was so disappointed in it. I already knew that Peaches and Creme was best for "warshrags" and I have NEVER been tempted to make potholders with those nylon loops on that little metal loom. Sigh..............what a letdown for me. But I also got a book on lace and 8 pairs (or sets) of Knit Pics new needles. Not the kind that the tips screw on, but the smaller ones made all in one piece. Never have trusted those screw-on things. I was also supposed to get a Wooly Winder or a skein winder, but I changed my mind. I have saved that money to get ; TA DAA!!!! A new computer. All of my very own without anyone else ever having owned it. So. In the very near future I will own one with a media center and get a photo-quality printer and I will be in business with the baby pics.
Speaking of babies ( y'all KNEW I would), the quads are 6 mos. old now. Reagan has two teeth and the rest are chewing on anything they can get in their mouths. They also laugh out loud and giggle and try out vowel sounds and screeching noises.
Carey is in the hospital awaiting Tyler. He isn't due until Feb. but her water broke so there it is. The Dr. said she was a better incubator than any the hosp. has so she is just lying there waiting. They won't let her come home in case of infection.
I have digressed enough. I gotta get back to fiber. So I will. Later.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

News from Julia

Hi everyone! Julia has been having trouble getting on to the site. And no wonder - I just tried too, and Blogger is doing upgrades which may have gunked everything up.

Anyhow, here is her message.

what have I been up to? Err trying to finish so many UFOs that I feel really swamped, I am always eager to learn something new and then never finish the project! I have travelled to Spain a lot this year and just returned from a week end in Germany where I went to a Christmas market. Only got one kid left at home now so starting to plan for the future

Friday, December 08, 2006

We Got Yellow!

This is merino. I don't know what brand of dye, but was told by the seller to soak the wool in vinegar water and then add dye that was dissolved in hot water. The spun yarn looks like it is fading or something. In the dye pot it was bright yellow. The yarn looks more like the middle of a deviled egg. Any suggestions?