Thursday, October 25, 2007

SAFFward bound

I am up at four thirty in the am to head off to SAFF for my third year. Those of you thatknow me, know that I would rather shoot myself in the foot as to get up earlier than eight. That is how excited I am.
I am hoping to see Lynne, Sandy, Caroline, Blaine and Rosemary there. It should be a great day. Maybe Maryanne will be there again too.
I will post when I get home. See ya

Friday, October 12, 2007

Cup of Whine

I received my copy of Spin Off this month and was dismayed to find that it was center-stapled instead of the nice bound way it has always been before. Not only dismayed, but angry to think they have cheaped out on us. Do any of the rest of you feel this way too? I would like some input. Love to all, Spinnin Skinny