Thursday, November 01, 2007

Home again, home again

I had a great time at SAFF. It was wonderful to see Sandy, Caroline, Lynne, and Maryanne again. I missed seeing Blaine because unfortunately I had to leave earlier than I wanted to. On the bright side, I DID get to go if only for a while.
I picked up some great fiber. There was a cashmere blend I couldn't pass up. Some alpaca too, found its way to my side. I bought four beautiful dyed rovings from Maryanne, and picked up a natural dying book. I should be busy for a while.
The colors were spectacular and the mountain scenes were breath taking. I did get a picture of four of us. I will post it soon.
Oh, and I almost forgot. I am spinning some naturally dyed wool for a teacher at St. Andrews (the private school where I work) and the first ounce I spun, I got 183 yds from it. I just finished the second ounce and I got a whopping 198 yards! I am truly spinnin skinny now. I am almost afraid to try worsted weight what if I can't spin fat anymore?.