Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello all. Looks like no one is doing any posting any more. Well here I am again.
Went to SAFF and had a great time in spite of the rain. Saw Caroline and her hubby and Mary Anne who put up a booth. Didn't get to talk to Mary Anne as she was busy. I picked up a pair of hand carders, a yarn meter, and several kinds of roving.
I was looking around and Paul, who is a good sport usually, said, "Tkhis is the third time we have been around. Haven't you seen it all yet?" Of course I hadn't, but I took pity on him and we didn't stay much longer.
I am doing a lot of spinning lately, but I do feel a "dye day" coming on.
The babies are all thriving and growing. Zachary weighs 16 pounds now and Thomas weighs 12. They are five nomths old now and laugh out loud and giggle and coo. Being a Granny is the best!
Y'all get you fingers limbered up and post again. I miss ya.
Have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving. See ya.

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razberi said...

I have been reading the second section of the twisted sister socks book--i can't find information about knitting socks with circular needles versus 4 dp needles--will you talk about this?