Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mayfair and dye exchange

Lynne and I had a great time at Mayfair. The weather was great and the day couldn't have been better.
I have finally posted a picture of the hexagons I have been knitting out of the yarn from our dye exchange. I modified a coat pattern out of a knitting magazine. I don't know just exactly what it is going to grow up to be, but it will tell me before I am finished.
I have two back breaking weeks of work to do and then I am off for the summer. Woo Hoo!! I am planning to get in a lot of dying and knitting. Oh, and some grandmothering too. I will keep y'all posted if I can keep the procrastination bug out of my hair.


Angi said...

Where can I find that hexagon pattern? They're really cool!


Pam, I am loving those hexagons and with your handspun. Wow! Yes, you need to figure out a project for them.

Stephanie said...

I live in Valley Head, Alabama and am looking people in my area that spin. I'm near Fort Payne and about 40 miles south of Chattanooga, TN. You can email me at: or call me at 256-418-2167

And I would really like to come to the Mayfair next year!

"Stocking the Virtual Shelves are in Progress!"

Jerry said...

Pam, those hexagons are wowful. I love the colors. Keep the pics coming of the progress on the coat.

I'm still spinning, dying, knitting and hooking on a daily basis. Just wish I could get rid of the day job.