Saturday, September 02, 2006

Twisted Friends

Vacations always count. I love the quilt. I also love the typo. It fits really well in my world. Still slogging through the shawl. I will "git 'er dun"! Send me your blog addy again. Since I lost my addy book on AOL (ya gotta love them) I don't have a single addy left that I can find. Well, duh, I guess you would like to know it's Kandy I am talking to about the blog(blob)addy.

Angi, puppies are just MEANT to ruin whatever is near and dear to your heart. They are precious, but oh the aggravation. You do beautiful work and whoever gets it will surely love it no matter what it is or when you started it. How do you get into these exchanges anyhow?


Angi said...

Thank you for saying that to me. You're very kind.

Sandy said...

just try real hard to NOT let that puppy get the "fiber habit". I still have to keep my fiber nest corner barricaded to keep Tasha, (the not really a puppy anymore), fiber hound out of my stuff!! and, Pam, do you want my email address, too????