Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Letting the cat out

I have some news for y'all and I can now publlish it. As some of you know, our Lynne has put a line of her yarn on the market under the label LV ltd. See her blogs
handspuncentral and wool etc. I can now brag my head off that I have actually spun some of her yarn and my name is on the label as spun by Pam. So if any of you buy some that was spun by me and there are any defects, it's all my fault. The glorious colors are hers.
It is hard for me to believe that less than two years ago I had never spun anything but the rinse cycle on the washing machine. Now Lynne thinks I am good enought to spin for her! I am humbled and proud and excited. And soon to be in need of a new wheel. Horton has seen lots of practice!
We are (Lynne, Sandy, and I) planning a dye exchange and will post pics.l We will all be dying superwash corriedale in Lanaset (or equivilent) orange, scarlet,teal, and one more color of our own choosing. We will be taking pics and blogging them so y'all can see what we are doing. Hope to get started this next week.
Will keep you posted. Let us know what you think. There might be a future of fun in this project.

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