Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Couple of Projects

This is the lace scarf I am knitting from the Shetland/silk combo. I did not dye this yarn, but spun it. It is the finest laceweight I have done to date. You just have to love Shetland! I forgot to add in a coin or something for perspective, but those are size 2 needles the work is sitting on.

Here is the picture of the BFL/Alpaca I dyed, spun and plied. Can't wait until I produce enough of it to actually knit with!

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Pam said...

Gorgeous as usual! i started a diamond lace shawl and used size 8 needles to get the "drape" but danged if I ain't goin to frog it and start again on itty bitty needles! I love the way it looks on smaller needles.