Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gotta li'l problem

I tried all day long yesterday to start a shawl with the silk y'all saw at the retreat. I want a soft, drapey, flowy kinda shawl. Well....single silk didn't work. It was like knitting cobwebs or cotton candy, and I put a lot of twist in it. I tried plying it with sewing thread. Didn't like the results. I plied it back on itself and it knitted up really well, but wasn't very soft and flowy. I am now trying to put my hair back on my head after pulling it all out. Apparently I need some help. Y'all got any suggestions?


Carolyn said...

Hmm... Maybe you can get it soft and flowy if you use much bigger needles. Sometimes that works.

Angi said...

What if you ply it with a very thin ply of something super soft? I have some Falkland Island wool I plied with silk. Both plies are super fine. It knits up very drapey.

Elayne said...

Hi Pam,
You might try the "feather and fan" lace pattern. I've used it with silks and it drapes great. You can see some of mine on my "old" blog (It's been idle long enough to give birth) http://imagiknit.blogspot.com

There is also a "Purly Gurly" (Nicer name than "Faggot Stitch")shawl pattern in the archives somewhere and it's dead easy.

Good luck,