Monday, July 03, 2006

A new place to meet-free.

Well I am all rested up and ready to try to learn what I should have already learned. I can knit any time but seeing old friends (and three GREAT new ones) is more precious than stitches.
I will do my best to keep current with this blog, but if my OCD wanes all of you will have to pitch in and lend some typing fingers.
We all had a wonderful time at the Red Rooster Retreat in Crane Hill, Alabama. My friend/teacher/mentor Lynne gave us instructions in mosaic, entrelac, intarsia, and most valuable to me (and it turns out the rest of the group too) were the instructions for picot cast-on.
My friend/teacher/mentor Sandy was a joy to be with and her fiber was delicious as always. There are no real words to describe the joy I felt being with all of the wonderful friends I made at Shakerag last year. Rosemary and Jennifer, it's a wonder I didn't cry all the way home. Kandy your enthusiasm and laughter will be with me for a long time. Hopefully until we next meet. SAFF anyone? Blaine, your stories cracked me up and we simply could not have done what we did without you. Caroline,, you know. Rosemarysitting quietly just kept on turning out beautiful knitting. Mistakes CAN be better than the thing you are trying to do.
Our new Twisted Friends, Jerri, Mary Ann, and Elayne were (and are) a welcome sight. Elayne did me the supreme favor of taking Mossy Oak and turning it into something beautiful for herself. Mary Ann is a wonderful and interesting lady. She is a multi-talented whiz. I am going to sample some of her natural goat cheese and soap sometime soon. Jerri was intensely soaking up every morsel of info that was passed around. Lurking around the edges though was a great sense of humor and gladness to be with us. We like you too. Me? The only thing I accomplished was picot cast-on and knitting the tail of my piece instead of ther working yarn. But I did knit it back across the row and wove it in at the same time. Saved by the bell.
Some of us brought our dyed rovings and swapped them with each other. I hope everyone thinks she got the best end of the deal. I know I do.
I hope we can do it again next year, but the only time available at Red Rooster is a weekend in August. Can I have some feed-back on that please?
What can anyone say about Red Rooster and Jim and Jennifer? Beautiful, quiet, serene,welcoming, ad infinitum. The food is in a catagory by itself. MMMMMMMM, yummy sounds! I still haven't figured out how to put the captions under the pics instead of in the post, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


Carolyn said...

Pam, what a supreme job you are doing with the blog! The picture is outstanding. I am already getting wistful and ready for another reunion already.

Lynne said...

Oh, Pam! What you say really hits the mark. We got misty eyed reading until we got to know! What a blast we had. The Annual Friends and Fiber Intensive has seen year two!

love, Lynne and Sandy

Jennifer said...

I miss you guys already. It seems like a dream. Let's DO IT again next year - no excuses. We've started a tradition and we can't break it now! Can't wait to do some more samples and get the techniques mastered! Maybe I'll have something to show next year! Love you all, Jennifer

Angi said...

What a great blog. I'm so envious of your week end.

kandy said...

Wow Pam - I'm glad you said it, you've got a gift of putting it into words. It was a fab long weekend and I had such a great time. I'm working my way thru my roving purchases while at my Mom's. So glad I was able to participate - can't wait til the next time!

Jerry said...

Pam is definitely the one to handle this blog for us. She just has a wonderful way with the written word that you feel she is right in front of you.

I had such a good time with all of you and learned so much. Thanks for letting me become part of the group.