Thursday, July 20, 2006

Okay, So Tell Us What YOU Are Up To

I have had a full plate fiberwise lately: Spinning the lovely Merino/Tencel blend that Lynne dyed, learning how to weave (?!), dyeing yarn and teaching a lovely little (fast study) 10 year old girl how to knit socks. She is a delight to be around - she is very patient and attentive to her work. Today, she learned to do the long tail cast on, purl (all she knew was how to do a knitted cast on and a knit stitch prior to today), to do 1x1 ribbing and to work with Double Pointed Needles. The girl is a knitting prodigy! I also have a full plate of knitting classes coming up to teach at my LYS.

So, but what I really want to know is, what are the rest of you up to? It seems like Kandy and I have taken over. We really would like to see some of your beautiful things.


Pam said...

Well guys, I only brought my knitting with me to Jims' house and I don't have much time to knit. My wheel (aka Horton) misses me. i know it does. The weaving and the rest of the fiber make me yearn for mine. It is all so pretty. but so are the babies. Hope you all got the email.

Elayne said...

Lucky you to have a prodigy student...she's so lucky to have you too.
Great photo's.

I've been knitting mosaic....finally "got it".

Today I'm off to a Quilt shop with a friend but I'm only going to find some threads for spinning novelty yarns.

kandy said...

You've been a busy bee - lot's of pretties. Yea everybody, it's becoming the Carolyn and Kandy show - let's see some posts!