Sunday, July 16, 2006


Too. Much. Fun.1st project
Started Thursday night late - finished Friday afternoon (worked on during conference call).
Needs finishing, fulling and blocking.

# 2 - Plaid
Using the yarn made with the roving of Sandy's I split up and carded,
plus two skeins from my stash.

I might have ordered the three other reeds, a book, some shuttles and the tote bag.
Just saying.


Carolyn said...

Wow! They look good. Especially the plaid one. Aren't you clever?

Sandra Bennett said...

Beautiful woven goods; very nice work!

kandy said...

Thanks - though it looks like I've been slapped down by fiber gremlins. My third project has not going so well...

Jerry said...

Kandy, I think you've got a future in weaving. Both of those items are beautiful!

Sandy said...

great looking! and what a wonderful use for that roving you split and carded. have you finished that one yet??